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Ares Tube

Ares Tube is a program that allows you to browse many popular video sites and download any streaming video. Although the program does not include a help file or a guide, you can figure out what to do as soon as the program launches. The first thing presented to you is a quick page with links to many video sites around the web; some are not very well known, but Ares Tube supports them.

Once you have made your choice, you will realize that the program is actually a browser, and therefore you can browse around these sites as you would normally do, searching for videos and playing them. However, once you have loaded a video, you will notice the function to download it on your PC. The downloading process is quick and the quality of videos is retained (the original streaming quality, that is). It works with High Definition videos as well, which is a big plus for the program. As a bonus, it can convert your downloaded videos into a format that iTunes can play.

Overall, the program does not look very professional and there is no guide at hand to get started with. However, the program works as it should, and it is not very hard to understand. It is a very recommendable option if you are into downloading streaming videos.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good download quality
  • Quick to use (once you learned how to use it)


  • No help file or guide inside the program
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